• The Poetry Pod. Winner of a Sony Radio Academy award and a BBC Programming Innovation award. Brilliant from concept to execution, an innovative idea that brings poetry alive in a contemporary and creative way for a new younger target audience. (Sony Academy judges)
  • Chain Gang. Story-telling competition. Winner of two Sony Radio Academy awards, and a BBC award for Innovation. An interesting innovation that successfully takes the participating audience into the heart of the programme content. (Sony Academy judges). A proper cliffhanger, and all in 200 words or fewer. (The Times).
  • Easter and Christmas Diaries. Nominated for a Sony Radio Academy award and a BBC Radio award. Proof that radio can take less than two minutes to transport the listener to the very heart of an epic story. Brought into sharp focus through the eyes of seven characters, each aural vignette is written and performed with subtlety and intimacy. In this way any ‘religiosity’ is countered and the stories are arresting, moving, poignant and warm. (Sony Academy judges)